Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going back to Ol' Virginny!

Hey all,
Yes the post says it all... I am going to Virginia. Yes, I know, I just came back! BUT my dear Mom is down there, and my sister & bro-in-law (who are normally there for her), are going on a long-planned trip to Rome, Italy for 2 weeks and I'm staying with Mom to take care of her/keep her company/take her to Dr's appts., etc!!! I am PSYCHED because I get to be with her and BOND with her even more, and just BE with her. Yep, I'm a lucky gal! :o) My mother is 87 y/o and I'm her baby, so I've been lucky to have LOTS of fun w/her over the years.
While I'm there in Ashburn, VA I hope to get together with a blog friend...... hope to see you Amy!!!!
Also, down in that area of Northern VA, is a great stamp shop called "Angela's Happy Stamper" in Reston, VA!
I visit Angela's every time I'm down at Mom's. It's a great shop, and friendly people!

Soooo, I'll be away from 9/28 till 10/18.... almost three whole weeks away from my husband and 16 y/o son!
I bet they'll be missing me as I'll surely be missing them. Whoever said "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" was very wise!
TTY soon!
Love, Marie

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