Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ponderings Over the Kitchen Sink....

Hi everyone,
Just thought I would share something with you, not very profound, but meaningful.

Recently I have been trying to notice little things, such as, when I am cleaning up the kitchen, and trying to rush thru it to GET IT DONE! So I can go onto something more fun, right??! You all know what I mean, we do it every day.

The other day, there I was cleaning up the kitchen.Well, it wasn't easy, but I tried to be fully in the moment, instead of looking ahead. I realized, and yes I know this is corny, but I realized what I had right then & there. Sure I was doing a mundane task that I don't enjoy. But I have a home, and even though I have to clean it, I'm glad I have it, and that I am able-bodied to do so.

Today, another thing happened as I was emptying the dishwasher, (another thing I like to just get it over with). Lately, I've been looking at all my mismatched glasses & coffee mugs lately, and thinking, ugh--these are just a mish-mash of crappy old things. I wish I had some nice new glasses and mugs, that all matched.

Well today I looked at them in a different way when I realized that they were pieces of who we are, and they all represented something. Like the big golden-yellow plastic Bruins cup: a reminder of some fun B's games... the tiny Guinness glass: when I won the Guinness basket at a raffle at a fun dance... the pair of Michael Collins Whiskey hi-ball glasses: from the wonderful Irish gift basket we've received every year at Christmas from one of Steve's vendors (we all get so excited when it comes!)... the Smuggler's Notch coffee mug: a souvenir from our friends' vacation one year... the pair of Montana coffee mugs: another friend's thoughtful souvenir from their trip... Red Sox cups and pretty blue-streaked wine glasses: also from gift baskets won at the countless hockey fundraisers over the years... a coffee mug from the lovely Brewster Inn in Cazenovia NY: reminds me of the wonderful year Laura spent as a student at Caz... a pink "All My Children" mug: Santa had magically left one for me & my BFF one Christmas!... a goblet from Apple Annie's in Orlando FL : an actual souvenir from our honeymoon!!!

Sappy? Maybe.

But the point is, we all really have a lot to be thankful for, if we only open our eyes to it. I challenge everyone to look at things from a different angle today, and see if you can't see the good in it!

Let me know your thoughts!!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy day yesterday!

Hi guys! Yesterday was a Crafter's Yard Sale at Bella Art in Johnston, RI, (my new favorite place!) I schlepped all my no-longer-wanted SU sets, and misc. items in the high hopes of selling some. Luckily the table only cost me ten bucks. Because.... as SOON as I got off the highway, and the store was within sight, less than a quarter of a mile away, I got pulled over by a RI State cop! I was apologetic, (he had also pulled over two other cars) and respectful. I sat and waited. He came back with my 95 DOLLAR TICKET, saying it really should have been 300 dollars. So I said thank you (BUT I REALLY DIDN'T MEAN IT!!!) I then started bawling, got to the store and set up. I "made" like 35 bucks, so I'm really only 60 dollars in the hole I guess, and hopefully I won't get a surcharge on my insurance. Maybe not, I'm hoping, since I have no prior speeding tix.
Sooo, not exactly a great day, but... afterward I just had to shop at Bella, and boy lemme tell you, they are an awesome store! (I spent 92$, LOL!) Oh, Lord, forgive me for I know not what I do!! So I guess it was retail therapy for me, huh? I got two new Nestie die sets, 3 stamps, and a new Tim Holts ruler... oh also some Kaiser rhinestones. Fun schtuff!

Have a wonderful night, I'm off to watch the Boston Bruins game 2 of the playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes. BTW, my husband, & I, and our son & his friend were at game one! We won, and it was and awesome night, the arena was filled with energy... a great experience!!