Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ponderings Over the Kitchen Sink....

Hi everyone,
Just thought I would share something with you, not very profound, but meaningful.

Recently I have been trying to notice little things, such as, when I am cleaning up the kitchen, and trying to rush thru it to GET IT DONE! So I can go onto something more fun, right??! You all know what I mean, we do it every day.

The other day, there I was cleaning up the kitchen.Well, it wasn't easy, but I tried to be fully in the moment, instead of looking ahead. I realized, and yes I know this is corny, but I realized what I had right then & there. Sure I was doing a mundane task that I don't enjoy. But I have a home, and even though I have to clean it, I'm glad I have it, and that I am able-bodied to do so.

Today, another thing happened as I was emptying the dishwasher, (another thing I like to just get it over with). Lately, I've been looking at all my mismatched glasses & coffee mugs lately, and thinking, ugh--these are just a mish-mash of crappy old things. I wish I had some nice new glasses and mugs, that all matched.

Well today I looked at them in a different way when I realized that they were pieces of who we are, and they all represented something. Like the big golden-yellow plastic Bruins cup: a reminder of some fun B's games... the tiny Guinness glass: when I won the Guinness basket at a raffle at a fun dance... the pair of Michael Collins Whiskey hi-ball glasses: from the wonderful Irish gift basket we've received every year at Christmas from one of Steve's vendors (we all get so excited when it comes!)... the Smuggler's Notch coffee mug: a souvenir from our friends' vacation one year... the pair of Montana coffee mugs: another friend's thoughtful souvenir from their trip... Red Sox cups and pretty blue-streaked wine glasses: also from gift baskets won at the countless hockey fundraisers over the years... a coffee mug from the lovely Brewster Inn in Cazenovia NY: reminds me of the wonderful year Laura spent as a student at Caz... a pink "All My Children" mug: Santa had magically left one for me & my BFF one Christmas!... a goblet from Apple Annie's in Orlando FL : an actual souvenir from our honeymoon!!!

Sappy? Maybe.

But the point is, we all really have a lot to be thankful for, if we only open our eyes to it. I challenge everyone to look at things from a different angle today, and see if you can't see the good in it!

Let me know your thoughts!!



carole (TruCarMa) said...

You are so, so right, Ree! I'm going to clean my kitchen mindfully today, thanks to you, and try to Be Here Now. :) Thanks for the inspirational reality check. Have a great weekend!

Care said...

wow, Ree! I feel like an idiot. If I was told you had a blog, I don't remember, I'm sorry! This is a delightful post; you are so cool! I'm really enjoying and looking forward to getting to know you better. :)