Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cards For Matt

Cards For Matt

I'm trying to organize a card campaign for Matt Brown, a 16 y/o hockey player from Norwood, MA.

Matt was paralyzed in a freak accident on the ice on January 23, 2010.

After many weeks of rehab at the Shepard Center in Atlanta, GA, Matt is now home and working hard to get well.

Cards and letters can be sent to Matt at the following address:

Matt Brown

c/o Ree Donnelly

email me for my address!

Here is a link to Matty's website to learn more about this young man.
I hope to generate as much exposure as possible for Matt. I am asking anyone who sees this to please post a link to my blog post. Thanks!!!

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Jennifer said...

I found info for the drive on Jen McGuire's blog ... a card is on the way!